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  1. Cemeteries could be places where we can all find some rest and peace – The Age

    Sketch of the proposed Harkness cemetery from the Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust

    DeathTech team member Samuel Holleran spoke to Maeve McGregor about how a new cemetery at Harkness, Melbourne’s largest new cemetery development in a century, could double …


  2. Images of mass burial and cremation: Sam Holleran on Eastside FM

    Eastside FM logo

    Samuel Holleran spoke to Conor Burke about how images of mass burial and cremation around the world became symbolic of the losses suffered during Covid-19: loss …


  3. Artist Meets Expert: Death Tech at the Wheeler Centre

    Promotional image for Artist Meets Expert Death Tech event

    Professor Michael Arnold spoke with musician and artist Sui Zhen at The Wheeler Centre on 28th April. The event was part of Melbourne Knowledge Week. Event …


  4. Art, Memory, Place: The Role of Public Art in the Future Cemetery

      In March 2021, Samuel Holleran participated in a panel discussion for MPavilion about cemeteries and the role of public art in memorial spaces. The event …


  5. Who will deal with your online presence when you die? How to create a ‘digital will’

    DeathTech research collaborator Dr Emily van der Nagel spoke to the Guardian recently about preparing a “digital will” and organising your digital legacy. From the article: …


  6. Mass Graves and Unmarked Coffins: Mike Arnold on the Disaster & Change podcast series

    Professor Mike Arnold discusses his research on the intersections between death, technology and society, in this final episode of the SHAPS Forum ‘Disaster & Change’ podcast series, …


  7. Digging Deep into Death Technology on Studio 10

    Dr Hannah Gould spoke to Studio 10 about new and emerging alternatives to burial and cremation. “Let’s talk about death!” The segment aired on Wednesday the …


  8. A fertile time for death disruptors: ‘People are finding meaning in these new rituals’

    A new article in The Guardian looks at the new players and new practices in death care that have attained greater prominence under the restrictions of …


  9. Remote, Restricted, and Redesigned: Funerals in the time of Coronavirus

    In June 2020, the DeathTech Research Team hosted a virtual roundtable discussion with death scholars and practitioners in Australia, the UK and the US, to share …


  10. ネット葬式 or 入場制限? – The Big Issue Japan


    Our article for The Conversation, “Small funerals, online memorials and grieving from afar: the coronavirus is changing how we care for the dead”, has been translated into …


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