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  1. How loved ones are overcoming funeral restrictions

    DeathTech team member Hannah Gould was interviewed for an article in The Canberra Times, exploring how funeral practice is adapting to COVID-19 conditions: There are other …


  2. Death in a Time of Corona

    Help us understand how COVID-19 is changing deathcare, funerals, and memorialisation worldwide by contributing to this collaborative, open research platform. We have established a platform to …


  3. Coronavirus has changed death and funerals — but new rituals can help us grieve


    A new piece out with ABC News explores the emergence of rituals during the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing restrictions that have transformed funeral practice. DeathTech …


  4. Small funerals, online memorials and grieving from afar: the coronavirus is changing how we care for the dead

    The team has a new article in The Conversation discussing the transformation of death rites in the context of the COVID-19 global pandemic. “The coronavirus is …


  5. CfP Memorial Publics workshop

    Memorial Publics – a workshop on innovative research methods and emerging issues in public communication around the dead and their memorials Date: Tuesday 19 May, 9:00am-5:00pm …


  6. On Optimism and Death: Public Program for Exhibition @ Margaret Lawrence Gallery

    On Optimism and Death

    This October, DeathTech Research Team member Tamara Kohn participated in a panel discussion in conjunction with the exhibition Hope Dies Last: Art at the End of Optimism. Hope Dies Last: Art …


  7. Diamonds, light or compost – how would you like to remembered? on RN Drive

    DeathTech team member Mike Arnold talked to Patricia Karvelas for the ABC Radio program RN Drive on the increasingly diverse options for dealing with human remains. …


  8. Our Digital Presence After Death on Radio National

    On March 6th, 2018, DeathTech Research Network members Tamara Kohn and Bjorn Nansen participated in a conversation on “Our Digital Presence After Death” for the Life Matters program on …


  9. Picking Up STEAM Podcast

    We are seeing a disruption of death. It is normal for people to post on social media at a funeral; you can speak to a chatbot …


  10. Dead Calm @ Wheeler Centre

    In September, Bjorn Nansen participated in a round table discussion on “Memorials” in the series of talks, Dead Calm: Honest Conversations About Death, hosted by the Wheeler Centre …


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