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  1. Life Matters: Who are funerals for?

    DeathTech member, Dr Hannah Gould, spoke with the Radio National Life Matters team about the changing nature of funerals in Australia, and what happens when conflicts …


  2. An Essential Service: Experiences of Australian Deathcare Workers during COVID-19 [Report]

    The report, “An Essential Service” examines on the experiences of Australian deathcare workers during COVID-19.


  3. Our cemeteries are filling up. Is reusing grave sites the answer?

    DeathTech Team member Dr Hannah Gould recently talked to ABC News Sunday Extra about the problem of capacity facing Australia’s cemeteries today and in to the …


  4. Burial ground zero: the crisis facing Sydney’s cemeteries

    Dr Hannah Gould spoke to the Guardian about the crisis of space affecting Sydney’s cemeteries. From the article: Gould compares the situation to climate change. “It’s …


  5. The disruption and regeneration of death during the Covid-19 pandemic

    Call for Papers: Special Issue for Anthropology Quarterly Anthropology has long framed death as a crisis, both within an individual’s life trajectory and for the existential continuity …


  6. Art, Death and Disposal: artist open call announcement

    DeathTech’s open call to artists received 34 innovative and thoughtful proposals – thank you to all of those who so generously responded to the call. We …


  7. Mystifying Melbourne: Anthropologist Dr Hannah Gould On The DeathTech Research of bringing new life to Cemeteries

    Aisha from RRR Radio chats with Melbourne University anthropologist Dr Hannah Gould about the DeathTech research of bringing new life to cemeteries. They discuss augmented realities, …


  8. The Future Cemetery: Release of the first annual Survey and Workshop Reports

    The DeathTech team are pleased to present two new reports from our Future Cemetery Research Project. This project is funded by The Australian Research Council (LP180100757) …


  9. How technology is changing the way we grieve

    This week, several members of the DeathTech Research Team were featured in the ABC Radio National programme, God Forbid. Listen here. Is it possible to be …


  10. OPEN CALL: Art, Death and Disposal

    During a time of rapid change and global crisis, the interdisciplinary DeathTech team at the University of Melbourne is researching the intersection of death, technology and …