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  1. On Optimism and Death: Public Program for Exhibition @ Margaret Lawrence Gallery

    On Optimism and Death

    This October, DeathTech Research Team member Tamara Kohn participated in a panel discussion in conjunction with the exhibition Hope Dies Last: Art at the End of Optimism. Hope Dies Last: Art …

  2. Our Digital Presence After Death on Radio National

    On March 6th, 2018, DeathTech Research Network members Tamara Kohn and Bjorn Nansen participated in a conversation on “Our Digital Presence After Death” for the Life Matters program on …

  3. Do Funerals Matter? Podcast

    DeathTech Research Network team members Tamara Kohn and Michael Arnold are guests on the “Dying to Tell” podcast for Joy FM. Listen here.

  4. Future Hospital: Future Patient

    DeathTech member Professor Tamara Kohn participated in a panel on The Future Hospital for Melbourne Knowledge Week. From the website: “Are you impatient for a better …