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  1. Mass Graves and Unmarked Coffins: Mike Arnold on the Disaster & Change podcast series

    Professor Mike Arnold discusses his research on the intersections between death, technology and society, in this final episode of the SHAPS Forum ‘Disaster & Change’ podcast series, …

  2. DeathTech in the News: What Happens If… I Die?

    DeathTech Research Network member Hannah Gould was interviewed by Joy FM on death for their radio program What Happens If…? Listen to the full recording here.

  3. Do Funerals Matter? Podcast

    DeathTech Research Network team members Tamara Kohn and Michael Arnold are guests on the “Dying to Tell” podcast for Joy FM. Listen here.

  4. DeathTech in the News: Digital Death

    DeathTech Research Network member Michael Arnold was interviewed by the Big Ideas program for Radio National on Death in the Digital Age. Listen to the full podcast …